Secondary Transfer Information

Children at St Mary’s RC Primary School go on to a range of Secondary Schools.

The list below outlines the Secondary Schools that our leavers transferred onto after leaving St Mary’s in 2024

We are very proud of all our children – they are happy and successful at St Mary’s. We are also proud of the range of schools that our children go onto for their secondary education and how well prepared they are for the next stage. Children leave St Mary’s at the end of Year 6 ready to start the next chapter of their academic journey in secondary school. 

Applications for secondary school need to be submitted online by 31st October 2023 when the child is in Year 6. 

At St Mary’s we hold an annual meeting to explain the process to parents and carers. We take pride in the quality of the guidance we offer parents when it comes to choosing a secondary school. Our Executive Headteacher, Associate Headteacher, Deputy and Learning Mentor offer support to navigate children and parents through the transfer processes, ensuring that we find the right school for every child. 

There is no doubt that the pressure on places at Catholic Secondary schools has increased in recent years. Therefore, the advice to parents begins formally in the Summer Term of Year 5 with a general meeting which clarifies details for how to apply for secondary schools. School staff will be in continued communication between parents and the school throughout the Autumn term to ensure all applications are made before the deadline.

Information about Wandsworth Test registration 2023
  • Parents can apply for places at up to six state secondary schools in any borough. They should apply for at least four schools and ensure at least one is local enough to qualify on distance.
  • Parents must apply through their ‘home’ borough, the borough in which they reside. For example, families resident in Wandsworth apply through Wandsworth, Lambeth residents through Lambeth etc.
  • Parents should apply online on the London eAdmissions.
  • When putting the schools in order, parents should put the true order in which they prefer them. Under this system all the schools applied for will consider the child separately under their respective criteria at the same time – they will not be told the order of preference or about any other school a parent has put on the form. It is not lawful to give priority to first preference applicants.
  • Secondary Schools will tell their LA the order in which children should be offered places under their respective criteria (i.e. siblings, distance, or test scores, religious criteria etc.).
  • The order of preference is only used where more than one of the schools tell their LA that they can offer a child a place. If a child is eligible for a place at more than one of the schools they applied for (across all LAs), the home LA will only offer whichever of these schools the parent put highest in their list and will delete the lower ranked school offers.
  • It is important that parents put the schools in the right order, as this cannot be changed later.

St Mary’s families are interested in a wide range of schools, both Catholic Secondary Schools, Independent secondary schools and Grammar schools. We have built strong relationships with all of these schools and many more to ensure that the transition for all children is smooth. 

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Information on Wandsworth Secondary School Admissions

For any admissions queries, please email Shirley Mustafa at: [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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