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Welcome to the Federation of Sacred Heart and St Mary’s RC Primary Schools, Battersea

A Thriving and Active Catholic School Community
Executive Headteacher
Mr Brading

The schools of Sacred Heart and St Mary’s are in a formal hard federation led by an Executive Headteacher Mr Jared Brading, Associate Headteacher Mrs Claire Mitchell at St Mary’s and Mrs Nicola Byrne at Sacred Heart.

The Federation has a single governing body jointly led by co-chairs Mr Andrew Cooper and Mr Rex Wickham.

Associate Headteacher
Mrs Mitchell

These two Catholic primary schools, within a mile of each other are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards are met for children at both schools and that they work together, united in their Catholic mission to develop an education centred in the Gospel values and on God’s love for all. While each school retains its own historic identity, uniform and its own admissions policy, parents can be confident that regardless of which school their child attends, they enjoy the same strong leadership, the same enriched, broad, balanced curriculum and the same inclusive caring ethos.

Together our two schools continue to be actively involved in the mission of the Church, to make Christ known to all people, to work in partnership with parents who are the (primary) first teachers of their children in the practice of their faith.

To work in partnership with the local parishes in creating and maintaining that Home – School – Parish link, and to be aware of our place in the wider community, seeking to promote the common good for society.

At the heart of our school life and curriculum is our Mission Statement.

Our children are educated and nurtured as we teach and live the Gospel values.

“A man took a grain of mustard seed, and sowed it in his field. Indeed, the seed is smaller than all seeds but when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.” (Matthew 13.31)

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