In Year Admissions

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If your child already has a place in a Wandsworth school but you want him/her to transfer to a different school in Wandsworth, you should discuss this with the Headteacher of their current school before making an application.

If a change of school is necessary, you should first find out if there are places available at other local schools by contacting the schools or the Council’s Pupil Services team. You will need to obtain an ‘In-Year’ transfer application form from your child’s current school. The form has a section which must be completed by the school.

To obtain an ‘In-Year’ transfer form please contact Shirley Mustafa at: [email protected]

Parents will be notified of the outcome of their application, once completed application has been received by the school and processed following the Admission Policy. Once we can offer you the place, you can accept the offer, if you chose to decline the place, you can ask to remain on the waiting list for one academic year (although we cannot guarantee that another space will become available).

Appeals – I didn’t get a place, how can I appeal?

If your child is refused a place at a school, you can appeal against the decision. We subscribe to Wandsworth Borough Council’s admissions appeals service, which manages appeals on our behalf. 

Please visit Wandsworth Borough Council’s school admission appeals webpage for the contact details of the appeals service, guidance notes, the appeal form and the current appeals timetable. 

You can also refer to information about appeals published by the government

Admissions enquires please email Shirley Mustafa at: [email protected] 

Please view our Admissions Policy 2024 – 2025

Parents applying for a place at either school in the Federation of Sacred Heart and St Mary’s RC Primary Schools Battersea, under a faith-based criteria will need to complete a Supplementary Information Form. Evidence of practice will be measured by frequency of attendance at Mass as validated by either a priest or minister, as was the case prior to 18th March 2020. These arrangements apply to the admissions round for 2024.

Please download our In Year Admissions Pack

Admissions enquiries please contact Shirley Mustafa on 07399391667 Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm

Once completed please email to Shirley Mustafa at: [email protected]

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