Consultation for Admissions 2024 – 2025

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for The Federation of Sacred Heart and St Mary’s RC Primary Schools 2024 – 2025

Notice is hereby given in accordance with legislation that the governing body as the admission authority for The Federation of Sacred Heart and St Mary’s RC Primary Schools is formally consulting on its proposed admission arrangements for the school year 2024 – 2025.

As an admission authority, the school is required to consult the following:
  1. Parents of children between the ages of three and eleven
  2. Other persons in the ‘relevant area’ (set by the Local Authority) who in the opinion of the school have an interest in the proposed admissions (e.g. local priest, other deanery Catholic schools, etc.)
  3. All other admission authorities within the ‘relevant area’
  4. The Local Authority (LA)
  5. The Education Service of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

The six-week (minimum) consultation will begin on dd/mm/yyyy with the closing date for submitting comments being dd/mm/yyyy.

The proposed arrangements (admissions policy and supplementary information form (SIF) can be viewed below.

If you do not have access to a printer and you wish to request a printed copy of the admissions arrangements, please contact the school office on 0207 223 5611 for Sacred Heart and 020 7622 5460 for St Mary’s to arrange collection.

Comments on the proposed admission arrangements should be sent to:

[email protected] for Sacred Heart and [email protected] for St Mary’s inserting: ‘Consultation re Sacred Heart RC Primary School’ in the subject box or ‘Consultation re St Mary’s RC Primary School’, by the closing date (latest midnight on dd/mm/yyyy).


The ‘relevant area’ is the area for a school (determined by its LA and then reviewed every two years) within which the admission authority for that school must consult all other prescribed schools on its admission arrangements.

Please click here for our Admissions Policy 2024 including the Supplementary Information Form.