Each Wednesday, Faith Friends deliver the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel to their classmates.

The Wednesday Word is also sent home to share the Gospel with our families.

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Sharing Sunday’s Gospel

The Wednesday Word is a 21st Century mission for Catholic primary schools, and a simple mid-week habit of prayer and reflection on the Word of God for parishioners and Catholic school families. Linked to the celebration of Sunday Mass, this is a new way to share the Gospel and the teaching of the Catholic Church, rooting the partnership between home, school and parish in the Word of God.

In support of the New Evangelisation, the President of the Bishops’ Conference in England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, has endorsed The Wednesday Word: a new and lively, mid-week (Wednesday) contact between the Church and primary school families. The enthusiasm of so many Catholic headteachers, school governors, RE coordinators, teachers and parish priests around the country to share the Word of God in this new way has been overwhelming – it’s ‘Good News’ for families.

‘GOOD NEWS’ for Family Faith

The best and most memorable stories in life are true. They are usually about some significant happening that has made a big difference in a person’s life. The Wednesday Word mission (to send God’s Word into primary school family homes each week) started through a Catholic school family’s awakening and growth in faith – through reading the gospels together. Dannie (a married father of 3 children) was a lapsed Catholic for many years. He rediscovered his faith and returned to the Church after being encouraged to read the gospels. Over time, wanting to share what he had found with his family, he started to read the gospel with his wife and children too. Together they talked about the gospel’s meaning and relevance for their lives together. This special ‘Gospel Family Time’ proved to be a great way for the family to discuss faith and many other aspects of their lives – deepening their relationship with Christ, their local parish church and, indeed, strengthening their family relationships.

School Mission – Sowing Seeds
Evangelisation for School Parents

Putting the Word of God, each week, into the home of every child in a Catholic primary school from very small beginnings, The Wednesday Word primary school resource developed.

The children receive the primary school version of The Wednesday Word, as a gift, in school each week for them to carry into the family home to read with their parents. In this way the Word is sent out by the school, just as (in the Parable) the Sower sends out the Seed, and so The Wednesday Word makes the Word of God present in thousands of school family homes each week, creating a new and powerful opportunity for the evangelisation of school parents.

Gospel Family Time Custom

A new family habit of prayer and reflection based on the Sunday Gospel.

It is the parents who are the primary educators in their children’s faith and The Wednesday Word helps them in this role, and also acts as a regular reminder of and invitation to Church.  The resource also seeks to evangelise through a special ‘Gospel Family Time’ section on the back page. We suggest a particular day for ‘Gospel Family Time’ to help parents connect the name of the resource with the day on which they receive it from school (Wednesday). Since most of us are creatures of habit, nominating the same day each week helps families develop a new family custom of mid-week prayer.

Moreover, Wednesday is the day which the Catholic Church dedicates to St Joseph, who is the Patron Saint of Families and Protector of the Church.

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