Testimonials during Lockdown

I feel the school are doing an amazing job, all staff need to be put on pedestals (teachers working from home and support staff and SLT working in school) they couldn’t possibly do any more than they are. Thanks for all the effort and all that everyone is doing. I think the school is doing great considering the circumstances. There’s nothing more the school could do- they have done more than enough throughout C19, and we extend our sincere thanks to the school. The teachers are doing a great job and I feel I am able to reach out if needed. We appreciate the swift response to email; the food collection is well organised. Overall, brilliant support and communication. We are very grateful for all the support from school and for my children’s teachers. Thanks. Parent Feedback February 2021

I am here by writing to you all to convey my whole heart felt thank you to the entire school management thank you so much. For all the time and efforts, you have all put in since the beginning of the academic year. More to that still kept the school running especially during hard times of the corona virus pandemic. My children still had a place to go as a key worker so that I could still come into work. For that particular period, I was really very grateful because the pandemic was at its peak and still sorted a place for the children to go so that I could go in hospital and give a helping hand. Thank you for teaching the children the values of life, giving them moral education of life, enlightening and leading them to the right paths they should follow life, and for all your guidance. Volunteer Email January 2021

St Mary’s is such a nurturing environment for the kids who come and I’ve said it previously but will repeat: The highest compliment to give you is that if I had children of my own I would send them to your school without a moment’s hesitation. In my experience, all the teachers show patience, compassion, love and concern over-and-above the professional attitude that prevails. Parent Email July 2020

You guys ROCK, my children don’t go to this school but I live right next to the school and during these hard times I’ve heard such wonderful things about the school, the support, help you all have given to parents from day one has been have been amazing. Well done all 😘 Tweet July 2020

Thank you to all the teachers in St Mary’s making the children feel safe and taking such good care of them. U are all amazing ❤️😍 Parent Tweet June 2020

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Thank you! so much for everything the staff at St Marys Battersea is doing for our children and the community. We appreciate you so much! Parent Tweet June 2020