School Trips

Classes make visits to places of interest throughout the year. By spending educational days away from the school, we aim to enhance the curriculum, taking it beyond the classroom and into other settings and contexts. During a child’s time with us, they will be given the opportunity to visit a vast array of exciting museums, galleries, farms and other places of interest.

There are a number of ways in which we enhance the children’s learning experiences at St Mary’s RC Primary School  There are many opportunities for parents to accompany us on day visits and we welcome family members into school to share their skills, interests and talents.

Day Trips
  • Battersea Park Library
  • Battersea Park
  • St George’s Cathedral
  • Holland Park
  • Hampton Court
  • Battersea Park Art Gallery
  • Battersea Power station
  • Chelsea Football Stadium
  • Royal Festival Hall
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • The Science Museum
  • Coco Cola London Eye
  • The London Aquarium
  • Tate Modern
  • The British Museum
  • Madam Tussauds
  • Polka Theatre
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Horniman Museum
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Crockford Bridge Farm
  • Clip n climb Chelsea
Residential School Trips

Years 5 and 6 is  given the experience of staying away from home. We believe this helps to develop confidence, social skills and friendships, all of which we value highly.

  • Year 5: 2 day Camping Trip to Gilwell Park.
  • Year 6: Weeks’ Residential Trip to Sayers Croft.
School Based Enrichment

To enhance the children’s learning experiences, we regularly invite theatre groups and visitors into school to support the curriculum.

  • School Food Matters
  • Wandsworth Music Service
  • Students from St John Bosco College
  • Freshwater Theatre Company
  • Chelsea Foundation
  • Marsha De Cordova MP
  • Transport for London
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • The British Red Cross
  • CAFOD​
Trips and Visits

We fully use our privilege of having on the doorstep one of the world’s great capital cities. Pupils enjoy regular day trips to London’s art galleries, theaters, parks, museums and historic locations.

In 2021, in Year 5, the children will experience a 3 day woodland adventure at the Scout Adventures in Gilwell Park in Essex. In Year 6 the children will enjoy an outdoor environmental few days in the Surrey countryside at Sayers Croft.

We are proud of the fact that we are one of the few state schools that still run two school journeys. This is down to the dedication of the staff, the importance and value parent attach to these experiences not to mention the testimonials of the children.

Gilwell Park

Please click here to visit Gilwell Park.

Gilwell Park Photos

Children’s Testimonial

On Wednesday afternoon, we were going to Gilwell Park on a coach and the driver’s name was Monzoo. I sat with J. We played some games and chatted with each other. We went on the motorway and took two hours. When we arrived, the scouts showed us where our lodge was. It was modern and spacious and I slept and shared a room with N. The meals were tasty, yummy and delicious and my favourite meal was chicken curry. In our group we did a lot of activities, it was fun and intriguing. Every activity was fun and hard but my favourite was aeroball because we had to jump on a trampoline and throw a ball into a goal. After our fun experience, we had to go back. The same driver took us back and it was good to see everyone. Simi, Year 5

Sayers Croft

Please click here to visit Sayers Croft.

Sayers Croft Photos

Children’s Testimonials

I am really happy for the support from St Mary’s school about Sayers Croft trip. Thank you for everything. Year 6 Parent

Is your child going to Sayers Croft soon? Are you worried what to expect and how he/she will feel without you there? I would like to assure you that, at St Mary’s, preparation for the Sayers Croft trip is outstanding. Prior to the trip we had three confidential, face to face meetings with the teachers to discuss and resolve all our needs and worries. All our queries were answered, our suggestions were accepted and all action requested has been taken. The school team was in constant contact with the Sayers Croft representative to make sure that all the dietary requirements and safety needs were fulfilled. Our child was convinced many times that the teachers would take full care and responsibility for his own emotional wellbeing during the trip which built up his self-confidence very much. In the last meeting we received a full schedule for every day of the trip and all the according information: travel, accommodation, meals, precautions taken and activities. It helped a lot to calm our child down and to allow him to fully enjoy this great experience as he knew what to expect. Thank you to all the team members who helped and worked very hard to make sure it was a pleased and memorable time for the whole class. Year 6 Parent

When I went to Sayer’s Croft, it was the best time of my life. It was so much fun. Caving and archery were the best activities. When we did archery I felt like Merida in Brave. I loved it so much. I wish I could have stayed longer. I can’t believe I heard an owl – it was the first time I have heard an owl in my whole life. I also liked the roundhouse because I learnt more about the past and Pitch Hill because it was good exercise. Kiana, Year 5