School Uniform

School Uniform and Dress Code

We expect all children to wear the school uniform and this is dependent on the part of the school your child attends.

Early Years

Nursery and Reception classes have a different uniform to the rest of the school.

  • Children in Early Years do not need a PE kit.
  • Children should bring a Book Bag to school every day.
  • Children in Nursery Class should bring a carrier bag with a change of clothing.
  • Please ensure your child’s name is written clearly on all items of clothing including hats, scarves and coats.
Why do we wear Uniform?
  • To look smart
  •  To be comfortable and in appropriate clothing
  •  To be ready to learn
  •  To be simple – no fuss
  •  To prepare for secondary school
  • Wear a weather appropriate coat
  • Wear weather appropriate accessories eg hat in summer, woolly hat, scarf and gloves in the winter.
  • Wear simple watches (KS2)
  • Wear full PE kit for all PE lessons
  • Wear one pair of stud earrings only (to be removed for PE)
  • Wear hair accessories in the school colour: Blue
  • No dangly hooped earrings or other jewellery
  • No make-up or nail polish
  • No sandals or flip flops
  • No joggers or leggings
  • No heeled shoes
  • No extreme hairstyles
  • No trainers
  • No large or plastic brightly coloured hair accessories

PLEASE remember to label ALL items of clothing!


For KS2 swimming, girls need a one-piece bathing suit, boys need
swimming trunks, a swimming cap, goggles, comb and towel should be
provided from home.


To prevent damage or injury to any child, jewellery, should not be worn for school at all. If a child does wear earrings they should be one pair of small stud type earrings. No hooped or large “dangly earrings are allowed. School policy stipulates that earrings cannot be worn for P.E. or swimming so should be removed, ideally at home. Staff are not insured to remove children’s earrings and items will be left in school entirely at your own risk. Parents are advised that piercing should be done at the beginning of the summer holidays so that earrings can be removed for school from September.

Please put your child’s name in every item of clothing including coats and shoes, so that items are not misplaced and can be easily found if they are.

It is important to remember that children come to school to learn, and that ‘party’ clothes and ‘statement hairstyles’ are not appropriate during a school day. Striking hairstyles, which includes shaved patterns, Mohicans, ‘tails’ and dyes / bleach, are not allowed. Nail varnish should not be worn for school.

Please click on the below images for the School Uniform Direct website and the New Starter Video.