Physical Education

Our Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Physical Education at St Mary’s

With our school being in the heart of one the greatest sporting capitals of the world, we take every opportunity to enhance our curriculum with visits to various sporting arenas including Stamford Bridge, The Oval and even Wembley. The Professional Clubs host inter-school competitions as well as distributing tickets to major sports tournaments. We welcome visits from sporting role models across the sporting world.

We’ve built up partnerships with sports organisations, we take part in activities across Wandsworth with the support of the Wandsworth school sports team, we exploit opportunities across the Catholic Network and our Local schools including Private schools for inter schools competitive and enrichment opportunities. We take opportunities from other specialists sporting organisations to further enhance the opportunities on offer to the children. These include Surrey Cricket, Wimbledon Tennis, Disability Sports UK. As well as partnering with the SGO for various competitions and festivals. 

In order to gain a lifelong motivation and love for being physically active, PE at St Mary’ is centred around the “every child matter” ethos, therefore, ensuring we have a broad range of activities and opportunities for all of our children from nursery through to Year 6. We believe that a high-quality PE curriculum inspires children to exceed and excel in sport and physical activity and gives them the confidence to continue being active in their adult life. 

Through our discrete teaching of weekly PE lessons delivered by Chelsea FC coaches and the opportunities provided, we help embed the core values of; respect, perseverance, honesty, responsibility and friendship. This links well to our own St Marys Learning Behaviours. Schemes of work have been specifically chosen to enable the children to meet the National Curriculum requirements and develop their sense of personal achievement and a healthy competitive spirit. 

The coaches cover a variety of sports such as; football, netball, tag rugby, athletics, cricket, and tennis developing key skills of running, jumping and throwing, along with balance, flexibility, hand-eye co-ordinations, moving with the ball, attacking and defending techniques. In PE the children are supported to understand the importance of discipline, teamwork, communication etc; all key skills for life. Our milestones are delivered through quality teaching that is adapted and personalised in order to meet the individual needs of the children. 

We have made a partnership with Precision Gymnastics and Inside Out Dance to ensure that these areas of the curriculum are delivered by specialists and that they can now offer additional out of school opportunities. Students have recently danced at the Putney Boat Race, in the Chelsea theatre and taken part in district gymnastics competitions. 

Students in Y5 swim for an intensive week at our local pool and then in Y6 we try to take the opportunity to swim at Emanuel Independent school during their primary ambitions outreach programme.

EYFS Educational Programme – Physical Development

Physical activity is vital in children’s all-round development, enabling them to pursue happy, healthy and active lives. Gross and fine motor experiences develop incrementally throughout early childhood, starting with sensory explorations and the development of a child’s strength, co-ordination and positional awareness through tummy time, crawling and play movement with both objects and adults. By creating games and providing opportunities for play both indoors and outdoors, adults can support children to develop their core strength, stability, balance, spatial awareness, co-ordination and agility. Gross motor skills provide the foundation for developing healthy bodies and social and emotional well-being. Fine motor control and precision helps with hand-eye co-ordination which is later linked to early literacy. Repeated and varied opportunities to explore and play with small world activities, puzzles, arts and crafts and the practice of using small tools, with feedback and support from adults, allow children to develop proficiency, control and confidence.

PE Curriculum Road Map Reception – Year 6

PE Curriculum Milestones Reception – Year 6

PE Impact Points

In  April 2024 we were proud to take part in both the London Mini Marathon on the Mall and the ‘RunKidsRun’ running event at Battersea Park.

The marathon kids running practice in school helped us train for both these events and helped raise money for our school.

Michelle Nicholls

She is the Club Owner and a Coach of Precision Gym club and a Welfare Officer. Precision Gymnastics is a club in Battersea and Vauxhall. We are situated in two locations: at St Marys RC Primary school, Lockington Road, SW8 4BE and also the Latchmere Leisure Centre, Burns Road, SW11 5AD. We are a relatively new club but we have had amazing successes at our competitions. We offer recreational gymnastics classes from Preschool throughout Advanced and Adult. As well as this we have 4 competitive squads: Floor and Vault squad, Development squad, Tumble squad and 4 piece Womens and Mens artistic teams.

The facilities in our battersea gymnastics classes at Latchmere Leisure centre have had a £25,000 cash injection into it to help our gymnasts achieve much more. Following our recent expansion in both Battersea and Vauxhall, the brand new equipment in our locations are: 2 sprung floors, 2 FIG approved 5m adjustable height competition beams with integrated padding, 25 crash mats, inflatable tumbling aids, a flic block, 2 x Gymnova inflatable pads, 8m inflatable tumble track, 5 spring boards, numerous soft shapes, 2 trampettes, a DMT, 2 gymnova beam pads, a 6 m tumble floor, a table vault, foam sectional vault, a horse vault and 5 sets of bars (2 single wooden bars 2 sets of gymnova fibreglass bars, and a set of full height Gymnova asymmetric bars with integrated padding) Our new Vauxhall location has boys specific apparatus in addition to all of the above: parallel bars, 2 mushrooms, a set of rings.

Precision Gymnastics are committed to finding and developing our gymnasts to reach their fullest potential. We scout all of our classes every year to offer the competitive programme to the gymnasts who are showing natural progression. This is not just the skills the can do, it is confidence, work ethic, ability to understand correction and apply it quickly and have a passion to learn.

To find our more please click Percision Gym Club