At St Mary’s School we use the Sounds-Write programme to teach Phonics and Spelling. Please click on the below image for SOUNDS – WRITE.

In Reception class we held a well attended Family Learning Phonics session on 4th October 2022 and hold weekly Phonics Parent drop ins every Thursday at 9am.

Year 1 also holds weekly parent phonics drop ins on Tuesdays at 9am. All Year 1 parents are welcome.

The Skills below are taught explicitly:
  • Blending
  • Segmenting
  • Phoneme Manipulation (sound swapping)
Children are taught to Decode and Encode by understanding 4 Clear Concepts:
  • Letters are symbols that represent sounds that they say.
  • Sounds can be spelt using 1,2,3 or 4 letters – f, oa, air, eigh.
  • The same sound can be spelt in different ways – bone, coat, toe, window, shoulder.
  • The same spelling can represent different sounds – bread, eat, great.

All adults in school use the same consistent, concise language about sounds and spelling when teaching.

We use Phrases such as:
  • In this word…
  • If this was…. this would be a…
  • This can spell …. What else can it spell?
  • Say the sounds and read the word.

Please click here to view our Year 1 Phonics Screening.

Sounds Write™ Parent Guide

Please view the below video to find more about the Sounds – Write Phonics Programme we use.

Please view the below video to hear the Precise Pronunciation of the Sounds.