The intent of the Geography curriculum at St Mary’s Primary School is to develop children’s curiosity and a fascination of the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Geography is an integral part of our lives and it is our vision to instil in each child a lifelong love for Geography and a continuing awareness and understanding of their surroundings by creating opportunities for children to see Geography in their everyday life. We offer a structure and sequence of lessons ensuring the skills and aims of the national curriculum are met. The content allows for a broader, deeper understanding of the four areas of geography identified in the curriculum map.

The implementation of the Geography curriculum at St Mary’s Primary School is broken down into: locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography as well as geographical skills and fieldwork. In KS1, children begin to use a globe and atlas and recognise physical and human features within Battersea and exploring the continents and oceans of the world comparing the UK to places outside of Europe. In KS2, map skills are developed further using digital maps, additional keys and symbols to develop their fieldwork skills. Through revisiting and consolidating skills, our lesson plans and resources help children build on prior knowledge alongside introducing new skills and challenge

The impact of the Geography curriculum at St Mary’s Primary School is that our children develop skills for life and progress well as they use geographical vocabulary accurately and understand the different strands of geography, with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Our children will become competent in collecting, analysing and communicating a range of data gathered interpreting a range of geographical sources, presenting their findings in a variety of ways.

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