At St Mary’s, we foster an approach to move all of our children in a year group together towards mathematical goals. Although we know children are different, as teachers, we approach each of our lessons with “what can I do to support children and how can I deepen a child’s understanding of the mathematical concept? ”

Our teaching introduces concepts through concrete, pictorial then an abstract approach. Manipulatives, such as using dinosaurs, teddy bears, numicon, base 10 and place value counters support all of our young mathematicians to have a deeper understanding of maths. Different manipulatives will be introduced and embedded in lessons to support children’s understanding. As children take ownership of their learning, they are encouraged to access these manipulatives independently and when needed.

At St Marys, our aim is that every child leaves us knowing that they can achieve in maths. Not every child may use the same strategy to solve problems but each will leave with a range of strategies personal to them to succeed and achieve.