Food Education


At St Mary’s we run a weekly cooking club, where we enjoy making healthy recipes that can be recreated at home.


Year 3 made mini chicken sausages wrapped in puff pastry and cheese twists. These are a lovely warm snack to make after school. 8th March 2023


Cooking Club made chicken curry with white rice and vegetables. A very quick, tasty and easy meal to make. 22nd February 2023


Year 3 made a lovely spaghetti bolognaise with steamed vegetables and grated cheese. A lovely quick and filling meal to have on a cold evening. 22nd February 2023





Year 5 pupils catered for a special School Food Matters event in Central London. They prepared and served delicious canapes and were praised for their culinary skills and polite and friendly manner. 19th January 2023



Chicken and Vegetables stir fry by Year 3. A healthy stir fry, which is quick and easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. 6th December 2022