Key School Documents

Inclusion Policies:

Allergen and Anaphylaxis Policy 2021

Intimate Care Policy 2021

Administration of Medication Policy 2019

ASD Guidance & Policy

Disability Access Plan

Equality Information and Objectives Policy 2021


Curriculum Policies:

Assessment Policy 2017

Curriculum Policy 2017

Handwriting & Presentation Policy 2016

Homework Policy 2016

Mathematics Policy 2015

EYFS Policy 2021

Wandsworth Calculation Policy 2016


Religious Education Policies:

Collective Worship Policy July 2019


Safeguarding Policies:

First Aid Policy 2021

Bump To Head and Head Injury Policy 2021

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions 2021

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021

Coronavirus Appendix To Safeguarding Policy 2020

Covid Appendix to School Safeguarding Policy for Return to School 2 – May 2020


Other Key Policies:

Online Safety Policy 2021

Data Protection Policy 2021

Freedom of Information Policy 2021

Packed Lunch Policy 2021

Healthy Snack Policy 2021

Remote Learning Policy 2021

Remote Education Provision Information for Parents

Anti Bullying Policy 2017

Attendance Policy 2021

Amended Behaviour Management Policy May 2020 Covid 19 Response

School Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy 2018

RSE Policy 2020



Child Publication

Schools Letter to Parents Encompass

Barnardo’s PATHS Privacy Statement 2020



School Attendance – Persistent Absence & the Education Welfare Service

Penalty Notices for Non-Attendance at School


School Development Plan:

SDP Summary 2021


You can download the documents. Alternatively you may request printed copies from the school office.