Carlos Bandoh

Carlos Bandoh. Finance, Personnel, Parent Governor school appointed 01/09/18

Carlos Bandoh. Finance,

I have been a parent governor at SH for 8 years.  I currently have one daughter in key stage 2.  My other 2 older daughters had successful stints at SH before proceeding to secondary school and University.

I am a local Battersea man and always wanted to give something to the community.  I will like to think I have helped maintained and developed a good level of education for the future generation in this community.  My career background is in public sector taxation.

I have a huge interest in children’s education hence I have devoted my time in the last 8 years attending governor meetings and helping make strategic decisions on how the school is ran. I have at various times been a member of the Finance, Resources and Curriculum committees where I have had the opportunity to present parent’s view to fellow governors  and demand accountability from the Senior management Team.

I participated in the Q&A session with governors during the last OFSTED visit. Finally I am proud to say the refurbishment of the play pen and subsequent laying of an all weather surface was my brain child. I look forward to the challenges ahead and working to make the collaboration between SH & SM successful.

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