Andrew Cooper Bio

Andrew Cooper. Co-chair of the GB & Chair of Pay Committee. Appointed by School/LA 27/05/2016

Andrew Cooper. Co-chair of the GB & Chair of Pay Committee.

This is my third school governor role at schools in Wandsworth having previously been Chair at a school for children with learning difficulties and on the initial governing body to establish St John Bosco secondary school in Battersea. I was delighted to be asked to join the school governing body at St Mary’s following organising the parent reader volunteers at Sacred Heart School which was where all three of our children had such a fulfilling and excellent education.  And for this reason and many others, it is great to be able to give something back to the local community to ensure that future generations can benefit from the high standard of education that both St Mary’s and Sacred Heart schools offer.
I am a career civil servant and currently work in Organisational Development at Public Health England (an Executive Agency of the Government). My background is in HR but I have also worked on Pandemic Flu and spent three months in Basrah in 2003 to help with the regeneration of Iraq following the 2nd Gulf War.  I am also the Chair of the Civil and Public Service Artists.

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