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A Report from our School Council

The Site Visit – By Amber Year 6

On Friday 27th November, the School Council went on a trip around the new school site. We were shown around by Alan and Michael who were some of the workers there. They were very kind. We put on high Vis vests to wear so we don’t get lost in the building; also for safety we wore hard hats onto the site. Alan showed us the plans of the school and was explaining the different parts of the building. It is very different looking at plans and to see this building work going for real. We followed a yellow mat placed down by the workers so we were kept safe. Alan told us that there will be slide coming from the roof this will be astonishing. He also told us about our playground that will be on the roof with protective mesh all around so this will keep us safe. So we climbed up the steps so we could see KS2 classrooms they are very spacious and lots of light coming in from the big windows there is vast amount storage. There are many rooms in KS2. We had a look at KS1 which is downstairs; again there are a lot of big classrooms. The main hall is massive and when you are upstairs there will be glass so we can see what is happening in the hall. There is also a chapel downstairs so we can attend class mass. They are a lot of workmen working very hard to have our school finished by August so we can move in on September 2016. The children are very excited about our new school.


School Council visiting our new School in November 2015

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